Service Process

Jin is always more than happy to have a preliminary communication with you. This is to learn more about you and the problems you are experiencing.

Depending on the complexity of the problem, Jin may either provide you with helpful advice on the spot or propose a further communication if necessary.

The preliminary communication is FREE OF CHARGE.

step 1

Preliminary communication

By telephone or in person, you can briefly describe the problem you are currently experiencing;

Jin will make a reliable judgment based on the complexity of the problem and advise whether further communication is required or whether the advice can be provided on spot.

step 2

Formal consultation

Formal consultations will be arranged in the reception room, or wherever you will feel relaxed and comfortable ;

Jin will give you a formal legal opinion based on your overall situation or plan for the next step in your representation ;

A formal Letter of Engagement is entered into where both parties agree.

step 3

Service planning

Once the lawyer’s employment agreement has been formalised between the two parties, Jin and his team will develop a plan as appropriate ;

A plan containing an overview of the service, a timeline, and an initial judgement and solution to the incident itself ;

Both parties identify and finalise the entire plan.

step 4

Plan implementation

Carrying out specific services, mainly for ongoing legal advice or issuance of opinions, representation and appearance in dispute resolution and criminal defence, interviews, assistance or handling of investigations and evidence collection, etc.

step 5

Return visit and improvement

Follow up and review the entire case ;

Collecting and actively incorporating questions or suggestions from clients ;

Jin and the team will return regularly and make continuous improvements to address issues.

How you will be charged

● No fees will be charged for a short initial communication
● Formal consultation fees will be charged at an hourly rate and will generally continue until the completion of the service plan.
● Depending on the circumstances of the case, Jin will determine the method of charging the attorney’s fee during the implementation phase of the work.

(a)Hourly fees, which are usually applied for those cases that require continuous consultation and legal advises,
(b)Charge based on the value of the subject matter of the case, which is usually applied for those cases that require negotiation or dispute resolution representing services,
(c)Fixed fees in stages, which are usually applied for criminal defense or labor dispute cases,
(d)Contingency fees, which usually depends on Jin’s judgment on the outcome of the case.

The following is a summary table:

Initial Communication


Formal Consultation & Service Planning

Hourly Fee
1,500 ~ 2,500 RMB (per hour)

Consultation & Advises

Hourly Fee
1,500 ~ 2,500 RMB (per hour)

Commercial & Civil Litigation

Charge by Value of Subject Matter
5% ~ 12% (of the value)
Pay in advance

Criminal Defense / Labor Dispute Litigation

Charge by Stage of Procedures
20,000 ~ 90,000 RMB (per stage)
Pay in advance

Contingency fees

Charge by a Portion of Collected Amount
15% ~ 30%
Pay afterwards


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