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JIn Wang Associates is a licenced law firm in China, Shanghai, that offers legal services in international trade issues in China, when we represented clients in the country’s first antidumping investigation in 1997.

We are familiar with the Chinese legal system as well as World Trade Organisation (WTO), law. We use this knowledge to provide a variety of international trade legal services for both the government and private sectors.

Trade lawyers from our firm can help you with trade dispute investigations, WTO settlement proceedings, trade negotiations and customs measures. Since China’s accession, we have represented China in WTO disputes and negotiations.

This Law was drafted with the aim of expanding trade access to the outside world, developing trade, maintaining trade order, protecting foreign trade dealers’ legitimate rights, and encouraging the sound development and growth of the socialist market economy.

 International trade and protection law in China


The Law covers foreign trade and protection of trade-related aspects intellectual property rights. This Law defines “foreign commerce” as the import and export of goods, technologies and international trade in services.

 The State Council’s authority for foreign trade is responsible for the administration of foreign trade in the country.

The State shall promote the development of foreign commerce and maintain a fair and free foreign trading order.

We provide assistance to several Chinese government agencies, including the Ministry of Commerce, in WTO and treaty negotiations matters. We also provide assistance to private sector clients, both domestically and internationally, in trade remedy cases and customs.


This Law defines foreign trade operators as legal entities or organizations that engage in foreign trade business. Article 9 Foreign trade operators are those who plan to import or export commodities or technology. They must meet the following requirements to obtain a permit from the State Council’s department of foreign economic relations. The State Council will determine the measures necessary to implement the above paragraph. The State Council shall formulate the measures necessary to implement the First Paragraph. Article 10 This Law and all applicable laws and regulations shall be followed when international service trading enterprises or organizations are established and operate. Article 11 Foreign trade operators shall be independent and solely responsible for their profits and losses. Article 12 Foreign trade operators must abide to their contracts and ensure that the commodities are of high quality. They also have to perfect their service after selling. Article 13 Individuals and organizations without a permit for foreign trade may request a domestic foreign trading operator to manage their foreign trade operations within the scope of their business. After accepting the commission, the foreign trade operator must provide accurate business information to the commissioning party, including market quotations, prices for commodities, customer situation, and so on. Both the commissioning and commissioned parties must sign a contract detailing their rights and obligations. Article 14 Foreign trade officers must submit documents and records related to their foreign trade business to the State Council in accordance to the provisions of the relevant department of foreign economic relations or trade. Trade secrets shall be kept by the competent departments for the provider.


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Jing Wang expertise includes:


  • WTO dispute settlement in China
  • Trade Marks Problems 
  • Anti-dumping reviews and investigations
  • Review and investigations into anti-subsidy
  • Special protection cases, legal action
  • Negotiations on international trade and investment agreements
  • E-Commerce problems in China.

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